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Annecy : le marketing des films d’animation pour le jeune public

juin 23, 2011

Europa Distributionworkshop about animation has been held in Annecy from June 7th until June 9th in partnership withAnnecy International Animated Film Festival and Market.


The first talk dealt with release strategies for animated movies in Europe with a special focus on audience policies and viral marketing. It gathered Michaël Ismeni, with Belgian theatrical distribution Le Parc Distributionassociated to the cultural center Les Grignouxand the schoolnetwork Ecran Large sur Tableau Noir, Alessandra Romanelli, from the Swiss child cine club The Magic Lantern, and Stefan Tiess, head of content and video promotion at, a web agency for movie communication. Lire la suite…


Annecy : étude de cas sur la sortie du film Chico & Rita

juin 23, 2011



Fernando Trueba – Spain

Presented by Florent Bugeau from French dsitrbutor, Rezo Films

The movie has been bought to British sales agent Hanwayin Toronto 2010. Then the movie opened Cartoon movie festival in Lyon in March 2011 and they decided to wait until beginning of July to release it in France. Lire la suite…

Annecy : études de cas sur la sortie du film Le Chat du Rabbin

juin 23, 2011




Joann Sfar – France

Presented by Christine Eloy from Belgian distributor, Cineart


Cineart bought the rights at the script stage, because there was a good fan base of the comics, The Rabbi’s Cat by Joann Sfar. They did it also for Persepolis, Ernest & Célestine. Lire la suite…

Annecy : présentation des projets d’animation du Creative Focus

juin 23, 2011

Hereall the details.


France, 90 minutes

Synopsis: 1993, New York is a city under Aztec influence. Peter O’Hogan, a private-eye, is investigating the murder of the first sacred astronauts.

Director, Production: Reno Armanet
Graphic creator: Maud CHALMEL
Author / Scriptwriter: Lionel BOUCHET, Guillaume CABAUD
Target public: 12-15 years / Young adults / Adults
Techniques used: 2D/3D computer, live action

Lire la suite…

Sofia : de l’utilisation du marketing viral pour la distribution de films

mai 27, 2011

Europa Distribution workshop about viral marketing has been held in Sofia from March 10 till March 12, in partnership with Sofia International Film Festival.

The first talk gathered Brian Newman, who used to head the Tribecca Film Institute, Jan Von Meppen who launched VODO FILMS and Tilman Scheel, from Europe Finest.

Brian Newman opened the discussion with a pretty engaging speech about creativity directors and producers should use with new media in order to reinvent the process of distributing movies, and take advantage of the ongoing digital revolution in spite of suffering from it.
Lire la suite…

Estoril : de l’intérêt de devenir coproducteur…

décembre 20, 2010

Europa Distribution, le réseau de distributeurs indépendants européens, a tenu son workshop annuel à Estoril, lors du festival créé par le producteur et distributeur Paulo Branco, à la mi novembre. De nombreux professionnels se sont rassemblé pour échanger autour des défis actuels auxquels sont confrontés les producteurs et distributeurs indépendants quand les financements se font de plus en plus rares, et que la révolution numérique agit toujours tel un tremblement de terre dans l’industrie. Le programme et les présentations des panélistes sont disponibles ici – Europe oblige, les textes sont en anglais…

Coproduction workshop

Friday, November 12th

MODERATION: Pascal Guerrin – Backup Films (France)

Alexandre Mallet-Guy – Memento Films (France)

Massimo Brioschi – Mikado (Italy)

A workshop on coproduction opened the afternoon, gathering Alexandre Mallet-Guy from Memento Films Distribution (France), Massimo Brioschi from Mikado (Italy) and Pascal Guerrin from Backup (France). Back UP Films is specialized in structuring and engineering international film financing. It monitors two SOFICA in France, and acts as an intermediate between producers and investors in order to facilitate funding European and International projects.

Lire la suite…

Estoril : de nouveaux outils internet à l’usage des distributeurs

décembre 20, 2010

New tools for distributors

Friday, November 12th

MODERATION: Jean-Paul Commin – Consultant (France)

Barbara Tonelli – Touscoprod (France) & Etienne Ollagnier – Jour2Fête (France)

Alessandro Raja & Mathilde Henrot – Festival Scope (France)

Gergo Csikos – Cinefil Co (Hungary)

Peter Buckingham – UK Film Council (UK)

The next panel was dedicated to new tools for distributors, notably related with community management on social networks, digital marketing and how to take advantages of VoD platforms on a B2B approach.

Barbara Tonelli from TOUSCOPROD opened the discussion with a presentation of the crowd funding platform. It allows web users to take financial participation in production and distribution of selected projects. With participation starting at 10 Euros, the return on investment is not always automatic for the users, but it grants them goodies and engages audience with the projects, providing the producer and distributor a free word to mouth as well as marketing exposure on social media as tweeter and facebook.

Lire la suite…