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Estoril : de nouveaux outils internet à l’usage des distributeurs

décembre 20, 2010

New tools for distributors

Friday, November 12th

MODERATION: Jean-Paul Commin – Consultant (France)

Barbara Tonelli – Touscoprod (France) & Etienne Ollagnier – Jour2Fête (France)

Alessandro Raja & Mathilde Henrot – Festival Scope (France)

Gergo Csikos – Cinefil Co (Hungary)

Peter Buckingham – UK Film Council (UK)

The next panel was dedicated to new tools for distributors, notably related with community management on social networks, digital marketing and how to take advantages of VoD platforms on a B2B approach.

Barbara Tonelli from TOUSCOPROD opened the discussion with a presentation of the crowd funding platform. It allows web users to take financial participation in production and distribution of selected projects. With participation starting at 10 Euros, the return on investment is not always automatic for the users, but it grants them goodies and engages audience with the projects, providing the producer and distributor a free word to mouth as well as marketing exposure on social media as tweeter and facebook.

Touscoprod counts 16 projects in its line up. Besides marketing aspects, the platform may also prove efficient in order to find gap financing for professional (it has raised between 20K and 75K euros on selected projects), which is a consequent amount of money for an indie release in theaters. The expertise in community management provided by the platform in order to create a buzz around the release in theater is also an aspect distributors are looking for when submitting their project.

Jour2Fete which is a French indie distributor created by Etienne Ollagnier has collaborated with TOUSCOPROD on the release of DANCING DREAMS, and reached 100K entries at French BO.

Alessandro Raja and Mathilde Henrot then presented the new tool they have been developing for professional only: Festival Scope. It allows professional to watch online movies selected in festival partnering with the platform, as well as access the complete filmography of talents selected in these same festivals. The platforms also gives information about the availability of the movie on selected territories and media, and these information is updated regularly in order to provide a real useful tool for professionals and sale agents peculiarly. The platform is free for festivals and right holders, but in order to turn the project into a sustainably business oriented platform, Alessandro and Mathilde have been thinking about introducing a reasonable subscription fee for users. The use of professional email in order to join Festival Scope limits now the access to only acknowledged professionals.

Peter Buckingham from the UK Film Council ended the evening with a presentation of the policies developed by the institution in order to promote digital tools in distribution

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