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Annecy : étude de cas sur la sortie du film Chico & Rita

juin 23, 2011



Fernando Trueba – Spain

Presented by Florent Bugeau from French dsitrbutor, Rezo Films

The movie has been bought to British sales agent Hanwayin Toronto 2010. Then the movie opened Cartoon movie festival in Lyon in March 2011 and they decided to wait until beginning of July to release it in France. It’s an animation movie for adults. Cuba, 1948. Chico is a young piano player with big dreams. Rita is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice. Music and romantic desire unites them, but their journey – in the tradition of the Latin ballad, the bolero – brings heartache and torment. From Havana to New York, Paris, Hollywood and Las Vegas, two passionate individuals battle impossible odds to unite in music and love.

The movie will be released on about 60-70 prints, they kept the international poster. Maybe they’ll get AFCAE support. They wanted to end the promotion in Annecy where the movie has been selected. The director, Mariscal, is famous in Spain as Hergé in Belgium or Sfar in France.

They did only subtitled prints. As the movie is relying a lot on the music, the sunny atmosphere, they thought that July is an ideal date to release it. It will work with word of mouth. The idea is to last the whole summer, a bit in the vein of Buena Vista Social Club.

Students, jazz fans, cuban culture fans are the main target audience. There are also many sub targets to work on, like the Spanish music fans.

They organized a contest to win a trip to Cuba, and also teeshirts, soundtracks.

A book has been created from the movie, published by Denoël on June 10th, private screenings of the movie have been organized for booksellers. There will be the “best window award” for the best promotional job done by a bookseller. Mariscal will decide who is the winner.

They set up a partnership with FNAC: tickets to win to the premiere, communication to their subscribers.

The press partners are TV cultural magazine Telerama, language learning Vocable (a contest has been organized: ask the readers to translate a part of the movie).

Sony Music published the original soundtrack composed by Bebo Valdes.

Also, internet with Facebook, cinemovies, FIP Radio.

An art gallery is doing an exhibition on Mariscal work from June to September.

The press reviews are for now pretty good (Premiere, Studio, Telerama and some dailies). Exhibitors like the movie, but they’re not confident with it, they don’t know how to estimate a number of admissions. There is no obvious selling point except music. The movie will be stronger in Paris than in Province.

The P&A is 250 000€. Rezo Films signed a deal with Orange – Studio 37 (half of their line up is composed with Orange movies).

They’re estimating 150 000 admissions.

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