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Annecy : présentation des projets d’animation du Creative Focus

juin 23, 2011

Hereall the details.


France, 90 minutes

Synopsis: 1993, New York is a city under Aztec influence. Peter O’Hogan, a private-eye, is investigating the murder of the first sacred astronauts.

Director, Production: Reno Armanet
Graphic creator: Maud CHALMEL
Author / Scriptwriter: Lionel BOUCHET, Guillaume CABAUD
Target public: 12-15 years / Young adults / Adults
Techniques used: 2D/3D computer, live action

Festival – TVPaint Developpement Special Mention for a Feature film
France, 105 min

Synopsis: Victor Younki is a young Jew born in the Tunisian ghetto. During his life, he will have  crucial meetings – one with a boxer who will lead him to the heights of glory and the other with a lover who will lead him to hell.

Directors: Jean-Jacques Kahn, Franck Van Leeuwen
Production: Jean-Jacques Jauffret, Anne Trefel (Johnny Mad Dog, Après le Sud)
Graphic creator: Franck VAN LEEUWEN
Author / Scriptwriter: Jean-Jacques KAHN
Target public: Adults
Techniques used: 2D computer

For now, they have two partners, CNC development subsidies and Rhônes Alpes regional subsidies. It’s the true story of a boxer, and they wanted to represent it through animation to be able to narrate the century from 1918 to 1960, with the difficult representation of the extermination camps. It’s not illustration but transposition.

The writing has begun, it will be a coproduction between Tunisia and France.

The animation will  be in 3D, with motion capture (done by Thomas Champon who worked on Happy Feet) and photo compositing. The animation will be done by a painter.

Colombia, Mexico, Spain, 90 min

Synopsis: In the Amazon Rainforest an indigenous man has three days to save his girlfriend, kidnapped during a Shamanic ritual when in the form of the Ararauna bird. On his path he meets various animals in danger of extinction, and joins forces with them to rally against the international poachers organisation.

Directors: Jairo Eduardo Carrillo, Vlamyr Vizcaya
Production: Vlamyr Vizcaya, Juan Carlos Concha Riveros
Graphic creator: Juan Carlos CONCHA RIVEROS
Author / Scriptwriter: Vlamyr VIZCAYA
Target public: all audiences
Techniques used: 3D computer
Budget 5M€

The project has been presented in San Sebastian and Guadalajara festivals. The first step is to establish a work in progress for the 3D (now in 2D). They’re searching a production company right now, some Spanish and Colombian are already interested. They’re planning to apply to Ibermedia and have hired Beatriz Navarra as a script doctor. They’d like Shakira to do the music.


France, Great Britain

Synopsis: Kit is 500 years old, has never seen the ocean and can turn into a fox. And she is bored. When Lord Takeo breaks the rules binding them, Kit is delighted by the prospect of having fun at his expense. She has no idea of the potential consequences.

Director: Theresia MCCEARNEY
Graphic creator: Theresia MCCEARNEY
Author / Scriptwriter: Theresia MCCEARNEY
Techniques used: 2D computer
Category: Feature films
Target public: all audiences

Theresia has developed the project by herself and is now looking a director and a production company.

United Kingdom, Portugal, 80 min

Synopsis: Little did we know that the objects we lose and misplace end up happy and alive in the magical land of Oddsockshire. All objects love it – except for Brolly, who will need help from his  friends to return to his owner Luca.

Director: Sara Barbas
Target public: All audiences
Techniques used: 3D computer, drawing on paper

They’re working with the BBC and looking for a production company.
The main characters have been developed and designed: Lenny the laptop, Penelope the parasol, Keith the key, Moby the mobile phone.
The general visual style will be in stop motion, in a CGI environment.

France, Ukraine, 80 min
Synopsis: Lucas, a street-child, discovers the shadow world and his own supernatural powers.
Director: Anatoliy Lavrenishin
Production: Florence Keller
Target public: 12-15 years / 9-11 years / Young adults
Techniques used: 2D/3D computer

Florence Keller, the French producer, has just been awarded with the Palme d’Or for the short movie she produced, Cross. She spent 2 years in Ukraine as an audiovisual attachée, and met Anatoliy there. They started to work on the project, which can be compared to Kerity.

There are 3 narrative parts: the city with the discovery of the book and the world of shadows (the goal is to understand what is inside a shadow); the child is led by an oz in the forest and learns how to use the book; finally the underworld: as an Orpheus, he’s using the shadows without the books and wants to save his “Eurydice”.

At the end of 2011 summer, the script will be finished along a storyboard. They’re looking for a studio for the coproduction, in Ukraine but also in other European countries.

Budget: 5M€

They aren’t still not sure about the technics to use (it will depend on the budget as well). Maybe a bit of 3D for the shadows only.

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